Home Invaders

To date, all of our posts except Broc’s running/dog post have positive. Now it’s my turn to convince you to move to Thailand! Pest control experts claim that “For every one cockroach that you do see, there are hundreds of cockroaches that you don’t see hiding in cabinets, walls, and other choice places.” We just returned home to our condo only to be greeted by 2 cockroaches, 4 spiders, a small green beetle, and a stubby worm?!? I also saw a millipede in the shower the other day. If I hadn’t gone on a cleaning frenzy after the first cockroach, I probably wouldn’t have found the other one. How many more are inside? There were at least three dead ones when we moved in, but we have been very vigilant about putting away all dishes and food, and keeping the floor swept. How do these things get inside!?! Because of the plethora of mosquitoes in the morning and evening, we always close the door immediately, no matter what time of day. Maybe stowaways on our laundry, which hangs outside to dry?

A few days ago when I was putting on a wrap skirt, a “lizard” fell out and ran down my leg and under the couch. At least Broc claimed it was a lizard, and I believed him because two days later I found a small gecko lizard inside and tried to put it outside to save it, believing there was nothing for it to eat inside…

Now, Broc tells me that the “lizard” might have been a roach, but he didn’t get a good look, and didn’t want to scare me. It’s true, I do prefer to think that it was a lizard who was just soaking up some sun on my skirt outside while it was drying, and when I brought it inside I folded it and the poor thing was stuck in the folds for like two days. Right, that’s what happened(?)

Good news is that poor Mr. gecko (we named him Guillermo) might not die of starvation after I failed to capture him. That reminds me – in Cambodia, we saw such a nice wall decoration about a foot long, not counting the tail, centered symmetrically above a window. I said, “Broc, that reminds me of a cool lizard decoration your grandma would have in AZ!” As we got closer, the decoration moved. How does a gecko that is at least two pounds even stick to the wall without falling off?

And just in case you aren’t sure if you want to move to Thailand yet, I’ll leave you with a nice picture of a delicacy we found in the market.



  1. Lisa Cook Hurt · February 18, 2016

    Are those insect delicacies in the street vendor picture? haha


    • Broc and Julia · February 19, 2016

      indeed! it’s actually been a while since that picture was taken so i can’t remember what all of them are. definitely crickets, silkworms, grasshoppers, beetles, roaches…


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